Ministry of Education Grade 9 Students Textbooks PDF

Grade 9 Students Textbooks PDF

Ministry of Education Grade 9 Students Textbooks

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Grade 9 Civics and Ethical Education Textbook PDF Download

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The redesign, printing and distribution of this textbook has been funded through the General Education Quality
Improvement Project (GEQIP), which aims to improve the quality of education for Grades 1–12 students in
government schools throughout Ethiopia.
The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia received funding for GEQIP through IDA Credit No. 4535-ET
from the International Development Associations, the Fast Track Initiative Catalytic Fund (FTICF) and other
development partners — Finland, Italian Development Cooperation, the Netherlands and UK aid from the
Department for International Development (DFID).
Many individuals and organisations, too many to mention here, also gave their unreserved support to make
the textbook and accompanying teacher guide a reality. However, special thanks must go to Myra Murby who
devotedly spent time to build the capacity of the Ministry textbook writers to enable them to produce interactive
and student friendly teaching and learning materials. The European Union’s financial support of Myra’s work in
Ethiopia is greatly appreciated.
Gratitude is also extended to the House of Federation of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, the
Ethiopian Press Agency, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the former Ministry of Information, the Institute
of Ethiopian Studies, the Ethiopian Teachers’ Association and the Ethiopian Educational Material Production and
Distribution Agency, all of which provided pictures that are used in the textbook.
The work of Helen Papworth, a VSO volunteer, who, with the former Civics and Ethical Education Department,
edited, reviewed and formatted the draft textbook and teacher guide, is gratefully acknowledged. Thanks also go
to the Voluntary Service Overseas for arranging the placement of British volunteers in the Ministry and enabling
us to use their expertise on this and other projects.
© Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Ministry of Education
First edition, 2002 (E.C.)
Redesigned, printed and published for the Ministry of Education by Laxmi Publications (P) Ltd., India, under
GEQIP Contract No. ET-MoE/GEQIP/IDA/ICB/010/09.
ISBN: 978-99944-2-000-1
All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in
any form or by any means (including electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise) either prior
written permission of the copyright owner or a licence permitting restricted copying in Ethiopia by the Federal
Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Federal Negarit Gazeta, Proclamation No. 410/2004 Copyright and Neighbouring Rights
Protection Proclamation, 10th year, No. 55, Addis Ababa, 19 July 2004.
Every effort has been made to trace the copyright owners of material used in this document. We apologise in
advance for any unintentional omissions. We would be pleased to insert the appropriate acknowledgement in any
future edition.

This book is written for students studying Civics
and Ethical Education in Grade 9. It will guide
you through the 11 values with readings, case studies,
questions and illustrations to support the text. Each unit
begins with an introduction and states the lessons and
the outcomes. It also provides a list of the key words
and concepts you will meet in the unit.
At the end of each unit, there is a summary of what
you have read. There is also a glossary of some terms
or words which you have been introduced to in the
unit. Finally, there are unit review exercises to enable
you to test your knowledge and understanding of the
unit content.
Each unit is set out in the same way with the unit number
and title at the top of each page.
The objectives are listed at the beginning of each lesson.
A starter activity is in a blue box. This is to introduce
you to the lesson. The lesson number is in the top right
corner of each page.
Readings have a blue background. They provide
information which explains the lesson objectives.
On many pages, you will fi nd photographs or pictures
which illustrate the topic you are studying.
Case studies are labelled and have a pink background.
They provide real or simulated examples of the concept
you are studying.
Each lesson has at least one set of questions linked to
a reading or a case study. Look for the red question
At the end of each lesson, you will fi nd a list of points
to remember in a red box. This will help you to revise.
This book is just one resource which you and your
fellow students will use to learn about Civics and Ethical
Education at this level. Information to support this
book will be located with your teacher, on the Plasma
programs, in other books and documents, and with
people in your communities.

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