Islamic Book PDF Common Mistakes in Hajj by Muhammad Al Shareef

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Common Mistakes in Hajj

B- In Ihraam

  1. Do not pass the Meeqaat without being in the state of Ihraam. If you
    are landing in Jeddah and going to Makkah to perform Umrah directly,
    you must be in a state of Ihraam before you land, as the plane shall enter
    the Meeqaat. Jeddah is inside the Meeqaat.
  2. If you are landing in Jeddah, you need your Ihraam towels with you on
    the airplane in your carry-on bag.
  3. Women may wear anything Islamically permissible for Ihraam.
  4. Do not take pictures of yourself in Ihraam. You came to worship Allah
    and taking pictures for showing others later may contradict your sincerity
    of doing this for the sake of Allah.
  5. Women in their menses must be in a state of Ihraam when they pass
    the Meeqaat. They should shower and do talbiyah like everyone else.
  6. Do not uncover your right shoulder until you reach the Ka’bah and begin Tawaaf. This is the time that the Messenger uncovered his shoulder
    and it is an act of Hajj, so we must follow when the Prophet did it.
  7. You may change your Ihraam towels if they get dirty.
  8. You do not enter into Ihraam by just wearing the towels. You must
    make the intention to begin.
  9. Do not shave your beard, whether before, during or after Ihraam.
  10. You should wear sandals, but if you do not have sandals, you do not
    have to walk barefoot. Wear what you have until you find a place to get
  11. When beginning your Ihraam for Hajj, do it from where you are: in
    your hotel, on the street, etc. You do not have to go to the Ka’bah to start
    your Ihraam for Hajj.
  12. Do pay attention to what you are saying when you are making the
    Talbiyah: Labbayk Allahumma Labbayk…
  13. When you hear that you are not allowed to wear stitches in Ihraam,
    know that what is meant is that you cannot wear pieces of cloth that are
    sewn together to wrap your body, such as a T-Shirt or underwear.
  14. Both men and women may shower with unscented soap. Yes, for
    women and men, you may comb your hair, as the Prophet’s wives used to
    do when they were in Ihraam.