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English grade 5 textbook pdf

The book was produced with financial and technical support of the American
People through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
in collaboration with the Ministry ofEducation, Regional States Education Bureaus
and READ TA Project. The printing expense is covered by the General Education
Quality Improvement Programme (GEQIP II).
The Ministry of Education wishes to thank the American people and individuals
and groups who were directly or indirectly involved in writing, reviewing and
publishing this student textbook and the accompanying teacher’s guide.
Copyright 2017 © FDRE, MoE

Table ofContents
Week 1: Free Time Activities?
Week 2: Everyday Activities
Week 3: Classroom Activities
Week 4: My Family
Week 5: Family Relationships
Week 6: A Mother’s Role
Week 7: School Rules and Regulations
Week 8: Let’s Make Our School Beautiful
Week 9: What are your Future Plans?
Week 10: Why Do We Eat Food?
Week 11: Shopping for Food
Week 12: Food for Health
Week 13: Making Tea
Week 14: Baking Bread
Week 15: Making a Table

English for Ethiopia Student Textbook Grade 5 Book 2

Table ofContents
Unit 6: Likes and Dislikes 1
Week 16: Which Season Do You Like? 1
Week 17: Sports We Like 11
Week 18: What Would You Like to Be? 21
Unit 7: Health and safety 30
Week 19: Personal Hygiene 30
Week 20: Preventing Disease 40
Week 21: How to Avoid Danger 48
Unit 8 Past Events 56
Week 22: My Childhood 56
Week 23: A Famous Ethiopian Athlete 65
Week 24: Summer Vacation 75
Unit 9: Animals 83
Week 25: Domestic Animals 83
Week 26: Animals in the Forest 92
Week 27: National Parks in Ethiopia 101
Unit 10 Arts and Literature 108
Week 28 Animal Fables 108
Week 29 A Singer 116
Week 30 Works ofArt

Grade 5 Grade 5 Amharic Textbook

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