FUTILITY OF PASSION Islamic book pdf english

Book: Futility of passion
Author: Fahd Bin Mohammed Al Hajri
First Edition: 1432 Hijri -2011 AD
Revision: Sufian Al-Abbad
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Fahd Al Hajri
To the one who made love a substitute for anything else;
To my beloved mother..
To Sheikh Khalid bin Thamer AL-Subaie who encouraged
me to start writing and I cannot forget his first words which
he sent to me (Fahd… you are able to write). Although I
doubted this statement a lot, I started writing and he
supported me in an unprecedented way until the right
moment came, he said to me once again: (Fahd … let’s get
your book out now). Thank you from all my heart for all
your efforts, my noble teacher.
Life is that beautiful world which God created in a specific period of time
which human mind cannot imagine and which was created with great divine
wisdom. We came to life with no choice. It is remarkable here that the way
we deal with life makes the difference and suggests the differentiation
between human beings, you know why?
Because our way is then determined by our choice and we will not be able to
find the best way for our lives unless we own ourselves and perform the
duties of honesty. So human soul is the greatest thing with which the Creator
entrusts us.
Dear readers,
I present this book in your hands which contains some of life experiences
and situations and I am trying to introduce a specific concept which is that
the first step in the process of change towards what is better starts from
ourselves, for what is happening now is totally the opposite to this; we find
some people demand change and each one of us forgets his part of
responsibility toward himself. Then our slogan is (Ourselves are the basis for
care, attention and change).
Dear readers,
It is a call for us in this book to believe in ourselves and to hold friendship
with ourselves once again. It is also a call for us to spread the culture of love
among us. On the other hand, it is a motivation for us to develop a sense of
taste of beauty in our lives and our words.
Moreover, you will find through its pages a serious call to activate the
property of thinking as an important mission of our minds. On the other
hand, it is a call for us to identify the withdrawal effects of passion when it
tampers us. There is a long speech about freedom and its impressive results.
Besides, it raises the flag of morality considering that morals and values are
the innate leadership for all human beings.
Fahd Al Hajri
Futility of Passion
The most important dialogues which may be held acquire a great deal of
their importance from their persons and subjects and the harmony
surrounding this dialogue. Then, the human soul reveals the best of its
hidden contents.
It was a dinner surrounded by splendor in all sides, but what emulated all
this splendor was this dialogue which was being managed around this table.
This was at one of the beautiful nights when I was with my best friend.
My friend said in his speech about life and the outcome of its experiences:
What is the secret behind the successiveness of shocks and crises and the
amount of their density on certain humans rather than others? Then he
replied: I may have realized the wisdom of all this which is to get acquainted
with God and to be closer to Him.
My friend’s reply made me curious and I agreed about what he said, but I
said: Don’t you see that you are talking about the result here? But I wanted
to show you the reason behind all this which is the futility of passion in our
souls to a great extent. The matter is here related to the law of cause and
And what life experiences may decide with its strict law is that emotions
cannot be controlled unless storms blow. It is fate which puts an end to all
this futility.
Why Futility of Passion?
My answer is preceded by a reply to another question which is what is
passion? Passion is the safe shelter of emotions, desires and feelings stability.
And it is the basic instrument of the awakening of human soul.
There are two main reasons which urged me to write about this idea; firstly
you are still alive, so you should live life as it should be. Secondly, we
should reach the places of dignity by our emotions.
Since we are talking here about passion, so I ask the body to excuse me this
time, for the speech is not directed to it.
Emotional facts
 The most horrid form of the futility of our passions may be the loss of
our identity.
 The recognition that you live in emotional futility is the first step of
 Control your emotions according to a plan and the first step is to ask
God for help, so Trust in God is the splendid part in our souls.
 You may live in a very frustrated environment difficult to overcome
except by a solid passion.
 Sometimes it is your fate to be in an emotional environment. This
imposes an additional effort in the step of change.
 You have a real thing deserves to exert an effort for which is your
passion. Then we cannot make a progress since we are lazy in dealing
with this matter.
 Handle your wounded passion tenderly and tell it that hope is waiting
for it on the way.
 We have been repeating for years that the reason of our pains and
slips are from others but what I meant in showing the issue of the
futility of passion is to make our emotions bear this responsibility.
 We have to realize very well that the change about which we are
talking regarding our passion requires a great deal of courage and will
in order to defeat our futile passion. Or the other option which is
nothing of all this and you have to accept life as it is, since then there
is a close link between your comfort and the moment you pass away.
 What we are demanding will expose our stability and tranquility to
some losses in our lives for a period of time because what we are
seeking is worthwhile.
 Your treatment of your emotions and the effort toward them is a
devotional work
 In our speech about the futility of passion, we should not lose
confidence in its essence but what we wanted from this is to correct its
 The real bitterness is to be aware of the fact of what is going on
concerning the futility of your passion, and you are still continuing
this futility.
 Perhaps you may notice here that what was mentioned of emotional
facts regards you and no one else is responsible for it. This futility
made by your own hands.

Some forms of futility
Reprimand of passion:
In our way of change toward stripping our emotions off their impurities,
your passion becomes compassionate and tells you that you became tough in
dealing with others. Don’t ever pay attention to this reprimand as it is part of
your futile passion, but be sure that the other part of your passion is happy
because it is on its new way.
Dissipation of passion:
Many people believe that extravagance which our Lord commanded us
to avoid is limited to what is significant, while the truth
is quite otherwise; there is a broader concept that includes the
spiritual extravagance which includes dissipation of passion.
Ali Ibn Abi Talib – May God be pleased with him- said: (Love your lover in
limited way because you may hate him one day, and hate the one you detest
in limited way because he may be your lover one day).
Rescue trap:
Because you are a loving heart you want to give all you can, you want
to save people from their crises, and this is a good thing, but our
intention here is more than energy and more than you can, then you fall
into the trap. Since you pray “lay not on us a burden greater than we have
strength to bear”, how do you burden yourself of what it cannot afford.. ?!
Trap of change
“It is true thou wilt not be able to guide everyone, whom thou lovest; but
Allah guides those whom He will.”
“So let not thy soul go out in (vainly) sighing after them.”
“Therefore do thou give admonition, for thou art one to admonish. Thou art
not one to manage (men’s) affairs.”
“Thou wouldst only, perchance, fret thyself to death, following after them, in
grief, if they believe not in this Message.”
I tracked a number of religious texts, and i found them send us one message
which is: to calm down; what the Creator means is to maintain
this self and this passion, and save it from any harm. What I wish to
point out here is that love of good for people should not be a cause of pain
even though the most powerful justifications that can be made.
In my opinion, the rescue from this trap is in the transition from a circle of
change to the circle of influence. And life experiences have proved that the
effect is stronger than the change, the change is based on pressure and
compulsion but influence is based on conviction and choice.
My book was my companion
It provided me with strength silently and gave me wisdom and provided me
with models were able to overcome their pains in the most
difficult circumstances. It was perhaps a way that comforts me in a way I
may not have felt completely as I do now until I made headway in life, then I
realized its great impact on the success of my character to an unimaginable
Even while I am talking about it now, I feel I don’t fulfill
its right, and I still owe it a lot and a lot. It still inspires me with ideas that I
could not know by myself and what I may reveal here. I did not know that
part of me lived the futility of passion till knowledge waked me up to this
reality, so thank you my book.
As recognition of the role of the book and a celebration of it, I present some
books which accompanied me in my way.
Codependent no More by Melody Beattie
In this book she talks about two main issues; relief of pain and regain control
in our lives.
In her other book, Beyond Codependency: And Getting Better All the
She talked about human relations and suggests the concept of setting
boundaries between humans.
She says “some people are fortunate enough to emerge in adulthood
knowing who they are, and what their rights are and aren’t. They don’t
trespass on other people’s territory, and they don’t allow others to invade
theirs. They have healthy boundaries and a solid sense of self.”
She also says in other part “setting boundaries is about learning how to take
care of ourselves. Boundaries emerge from deep decisions about what we
believe we deserve and don’t deserve.”
She asserted that “anger, rage, complaining and whining are clues to
boundaries we need to set. The thing we say we can’t stand, don’t like, feel
angry about, and hate may be areas screaming for boundaries.”
Finally, I conclude with her idea about the goal of setting boundaries. She
says, “The goal of setting boundaries is the acquisition of adequate safety
and a sense of self, so we can get closer to others, without the threat
of losing ourselves, or violating our rights. Boundaries are
the way to friendly relations.”
Finding your strength in difficult times by David Viscott
He mentioned some concepts which I will state them in brief:
 When you restraint your emotions, it just increases your chances to be
exposed to pain.
 Respect your feelings to be free to be yourself.
 Tears in the right place cure wounds.
 Your silence strengths the evil you face.
 Don’t expect others to understand or agree with you.
 What people think of you is not your business. People’s opinions are
usually related to their feelings toward themselves more than their
feelings toward you.
 Whenever you try to please others, you make their feelings more
important than yours.
 If you postponed your happiness and set forth the happiness of others,
you will be disappointed with their reactions.
 Conditional love is rejected, for it means to control you.
 Your choice of how others live their lives while yours is a mess is
 The suffering in the end is just a choice.
 You don’t need excuses or justifications to be yourself.
 The best way to be ready for death is to find yourself
 Be bias to yourself a little.
Emotional declarations
I heard some of them, read the other parts and declared others.
 I am no longer shocked by any situation; I
think I have identified part of the human nature.
 My motto is “My life is no longer in vain for a later day”.
 It is too late; your approach to me now became dull.
 Don’t blame me for people’s behaviors, but blame me for mine.
 My problem is that my instinct can not say (no).
 I have the right to live the rest of my days quietly.
 This confusing situation is no longer part of my life.
 Purify our hearts with your ungratefulness.
 Reduce your standards, sensitive.
 ( )
This area is made for you to put your statement.
So Tomorrow is a new day, fiddler.
Over relaxation
I want to refer here that relaxation should match the amount of pain you
have faced, and then you can live happy moments in your life because it
is a gift from God, so let’s be happy to live with it. Then take a heavenly
moment to thank the Benefactor for all these positive steps in your life.
Without Him nothing worth mentioned could be achieved.
O Lord, My words cannot express my hidden contents. I present my soul
which is full of the meanings of perfection, gratitude and the power of
love to you, Almighty.
May God help you in your new world
The Big Achievement
The big achievement
When I was young man, trends were following me every where in every
discussion. The days of high school were the most difficult; they were the
days of doubt, confusion, loss and deflection between positivistic schools.
These schools captured me and I was inspired by the great thinkers of the
world. I have been influenced by the German thought for along time even
though I read in English since I was a kid, but English translations of
Goethe, Tischler, Nietzsche and Rilke caught my heart.
This thought swept me away from the soul connected to heaven where
belief is everything and faith is the sun which shines from a distance. I
was no longer reading the great books of religious culture in Exegesis,
Jurisprudence, Tradition and Arabic literature which I used to read till I
fell asleep..
Then I left prayers.
MY Arabic teacher, God rest his soul, was a religious and wise man from
Gaza, and he preferred me for my liking of reading and my prominence
in language. Then our friendship strengthened till existential thoughts
took me away and this was my first pitfall toward all philosophies. He
stood against this tendency and warned me many times. He told me: you
are not old enough to judge the world neither the knowledge of your
nation nor those of others… but I persisted and felt that a vivid wave took
me far away leaving all seas of darkness behind. In my new material way
I was infatuated by myself and I was looking at him in arrogance and
“Why do you no longer pray?”, asked my teacher sharply. I told him:
does prayer change the world? Then he told me an answer which turned
my mind upside down and dislocated myself which I thought it was solid;
he said: yes, prayer doesn’t change the world, but it changes us then we
change the world. However, I resisted the impact of this stunning
statement on me and I went on my deviation.
Years have passed and I returned home where there is no place for
argument about praying and in the mosque too. My father made his exist
from the mosque a permanent habit. My mother used to wake me up
before Azan (prayer call in Islam) and I persuaded myself and I resumed
my prayers, but my arrogance was still inside me.
… I felt ill one day and the doctor told me: I am sorry, you are going to
die after 9 months, Naguib. I was in the coastal city of Tacoma in
America. I went to a green hill alone. I saw the vast tremendous ocean in
front of me. There was nothing but me, sky, water, death and life. I asked
my self: can I change anything? I contemplated with tears in my eyes
covering the wideness of the ocean and suddenly this statement jumped
into my head: prayer changes us and we change the world. I went back
quickly to the place where I stayed and sent my teacher a telegram of this
statement without introductions or conclusions. He answered me : “ God
has regained you . Live in peace”.
The greatest prayer which restored my senses was on the Atlantic coast in
Tacoma and I realized that God is true and I knew the meaning of truth
and its infinite meaning in Heaven not on earth.
And I didn’t die till now.
This was part of an essay written by Naguib Alzmal entitled (The Day I Left
Prayer).It was published in several Medias and it caught my interest. I
thought it could be very appropriate to put it in my introduction about the
big achievement.
First I say:
What a wonderful teacher!
And what a lucky student!

What I mean of the big achievement is prayer of course. I shall not talk
about legitimate knowledge, but a feeling I enjoy.
 I intended to write about this idea when I am in the place I
supposed to be to revive life in it.
 One of the most important gifts you can give to yourself is to be
faithful in your prayer.
 I feel that my life is changing and transcending whenever I pray,
and my feeling became unprecedented. People here differ in their
evaluation of achievement around them. But true achievements
are considered to be your fundamental duties.
 Sometimes I blame myself for doing nothing in my day. When I
remember prayer structure, my self calms down and my soul feels
inner peace.
 All the legitimate teachings we have were imposed on earth
except for prayer which came from heaven. This gives it highness
and superiority and this how it should be in our souls, our minds
and our senses.
 False achievements are those things that some people may
consider as the achievements of their lives while they skipped
prayers. On the other hand, prayer is patience, consolation and
hope in life struggles.
 The only place where you don’t hear noise is your mihrab (niche).
It gives you life and a true vision of what is surrounding you. One
prostration may equal a whole age. And you may feel what you
have never felt for long years.
 It is very bad that man shall be concerned with all things around
him while prayer doesn’t mean anything to him.
What situation is this…?

Prayer with love
You won’t feel the deepness of religious duties unless you love them.
Any worship done without love won’t be fruitful. The story here is
related to God’s love who gave everything. Then, everything changes.
My prayer… I do remember you with great gratitude
you gave me hope in the face of pain
you gave me peace of mind in the face of fear
And you gave me pride in the face of humiliation

Achievement law
I feel that I shall be delighted to conclude with Mr. Elghzawy’s law:
(Prayer doesn’t change the world. Prayer changes us and we change
the world.)
Freedom day
Freedom Day
My definition of freedom day: It is that day when you scream out and
say you won’t accept this situation anymore. Let me be honest with
you that reaching that day needs a very long way of work you have to
do toward yourself. Then as a start you have to be free and charge
your mind and soul, and every atom of your entity’s molecules with
the feelings of human dignity and that you are human being deserves
respect, appreciation and highness and to feel that this honor is divine
“and We have honored the sons of Adam” and in my opinion,
all religions promotes dignity for the benefit of humanity.
Therefore, the story of dignity starts from you and ends with you.
Then you will have the will to change things for better. So let me
congratulate you all of my heart because in doing this you have gone
so far in your long way.
And who told you life is height…
Not alive those who accept life in the lowest

Ideas could lead to freedom
 Freedom is an instinctive right of every human being. It is the social
atmosphere which decides whether freedom remains or vanishes. If
conditions worsened, each one of us must consider it an acquired right.
 The greatest methods of resistance are those in harmony with your
nature and the origin of your configuration and this leads us to
stress that each of us has his own way to gain freedom. I have
read some of liberal autobiographies and I found a clear difference
btween each of them in gaining their freedom.
 Human reality today is lamentable; the one who has weakness is lost and
the one who cannot resist this reality shall pay a lot for this approach.
Who insults can be easily insulted…
Wound in dead does not hurt
 Nothing destroys humanitarian entity as slavery does by its tyrant
followers. It is a paradox calls for wonder; yesterday we rejoice at the
birth of a new human being, and today we are working hard to strip his
freedom and his right to live in dignity. I think that the wise saying by
Omar Ibn Alkhtab- may God be pleased with him- is relevant here: he
said “when did you enslave people while they were born free.”
 (Humiliation – oppression – Smashing – insult)
These are the colors of unjust human behavior practiced by others with
boldness and daring.
 (Fear – Uncertainty – weakness – confusion)
These are the colors of submissive human behavior and those who
have allowed themselves to exercise it with bitterness and pain. I
believe that there is no freedom of these qualities, and that our
problem in this world, as summed up by one of the wise
men, is between confident dictators and good people full of doubt, and in
the proverb (no life for those who sleep with fear)
 The bitter days we live are
the surest way to freedom. Pressure, tension and pain are the the
first engine to rise up with ourselves. Our God then teaches us to take
advantage of even the worst conditions; “But it is possible that ye dislike
a thing which is good for you, and that ye love a thing which is bad for
you. But Allah knoweth, and ye know not.”
Then we have to turn from “why me” to “here I am”
Morning is your father and son…
Bless that father and that son
 The Power of soul is the first supporter of the strength of your resistance.
The great know it well, and they also know that the only way to
get this power is from God; it gives you the enormous emotional power
of victory. Even one may wonder:
o How could I resist with all this courage?
o How could I do it?
o I didn’t expect I could do it.
The great secret is in God with His help and guidance.
I was watching a TV show few days ago and it was an exciting
interview between a psychotherapist and a school student who was
exposed to constant attack with the cruelest methods of humiliation
and destruction, and has been silent about all this violence. This
psychotherapist sat for a long time listening to the student and the
anger he felt. Then he told him: “Don’t worry; we will learn
together how to scream to ratify all the pain that you experience.
You have to be brave, and he asked him to scream out loud “this is
enough” .The boy said it in a whisper, and every time he asked him
to raise his voice. I watched with interest all the details of that
interview until the decisive moment came for the angry boy; he
cried out loudly so that his face features disappeared from the
power of his cry. Then the therapist answered him in wondrous
calmness: Yes this is what you need to do tomorrow.
Some people can easily shout and say (enough) while others find it
the most difficult thing ever. But here I assure that gross life
situations will urge you to scream out unwillingly. I remember
words said by Alice Walker in her book “Overcoming
Speechlessness” where she said: “Self-imposed silence has slowed
our response to the plight of those who most need us”
Knowledge is the road to freedom
I believe now firmly that culture, science and knowledge are
the first threshold of freedom, and I shortened the time for many
people to get abundant amount of knowledge about the
secrets and mysteries of human souls.
I write to you about the importance of knowledge holding “The 48
Laws of Power” by Robert Greene in my right hand; he talked
about human nature openly and transparently. There is also in front
of me “Long Walk to Freedom” by the famous African activist,
Nelson Mandela. In his book, he talks about how he was able to
garb freedom from blind racism for him and his people in his
country. I recite part of his words: “”I am fundamentally an
optimist. Whether that comes from nature or nurture, I cannot say.
Part of being optimistic is keeping one’s head pointed toward the
sun, one’s feet moving forward. There were many dark moments
when my faith in humanity was sorely tested, but I would not and
could not give myself up to despair. That way lays defeat and

No Hero without a wound
The beauty and magnificence of life is worth nothing if you were
not free. Who wants to be free, he should adopt the slogan of “life
with respect” and to work hard to achieve this slogan, but you have
to remember very well that the road to freedom is fraught with
danger, pain and wounds. You have to overcome all obstacles to be
closer to what you want, and then you will be surprised with how
people accept you after victory, and as in the Portuguese proverb:
“No Hero without a wound”.

I conclude “Freedom Day” article with feelings of freedom. Many
thanks for those who teach me the meaning of freedom because
who tastes freedom one day won’t waive it for a life time.
One of the best quotes of Christopher Morley is “there is only
one success – to be able to spend your life in your own way.”
Friendship with Self
Friendship with Self
( Whatever my enemies can do to me I have my garden and heaven
in my chest wherever I go , my imprisonment is solitude , my
murder is martyrdom and getting me out of my country is tourism.)
How could you endure this torture, Bilal?
He said: I mixed the bitterness of torture with the sweetness of
faith, so the sweetness of faith prevailed.
Those two examples and many others have lived the psychological
peace in its finest form; happiness and amiability were always with
them, so whatever they witnessed of sorrows and tragedies became
easy for them.
Today we are in great need to search actively for peace of mind
and self, particularly in this era in which souls have lost their
identities and consequently they lost the meaning of life.

Which Team are you?!
Don’t you see that the distances between our selves and our souls
are extremely wide and the reality with our souls is not
encouraging; one team are hostile to themselves as they keep
complaining and whining after drowning themselves in the seas of
sins. We usually hear statements like (I hate myself- I am fed up
with myself).
The question here is why are we mad at ourselves?
The second team neglect themselves as they have no idea about
their value and highness. They don’t know that they have a
precious treasure called soul that beats lively.
The question is to what extent can human beings neglect their
If you do not know the value of your soul,
People can easily humiliate you
The third teams are different type. They are very few, but still they
exist; their souls flew high to space and turned away from secular
temptations into heavenly benefits.

O determined on friendship …
Briefly you will not be able to find the perfect happiness and
satisfaction because of God’s wisdom. Many of us had future plans,
commercial projects, or social friendships and we set goals and
future aspirations over soul and peace of mind. Therefore, God the
Wise and Omniscient wanted to fix our affairs to the best; He
determined shortbread in everything in order to prevent attachment
to anything. That’s what Imam Ibn Algozy assured in his
wonderful book, “Mind Hunting”; he said:
(I found myself feel comfortable with intruders whom we call
friends, but when experiences searched for them found that most of
them are envious of blessings and enemies who can’t keep secrets,
know nothing about the ethics of companionship and never
condole a friend with money. Thus I contemplated and found when
God Almighty is keen on the believer’s heart; He disturbs the
world and its people around him in order to make God the only

O Beautiful Soul Holder…
Self friendship is considered to be a protective shield from outside
attacks. The moment you feel that others around you are trying to
weave yarns of trouble around you or throw nets of grief on you,
you have to leave them for awhile in order not to lose happiness
with your beautiful soul with which you became friends
Only then you will be capable of accepting the excesses of others
and putting things in their right place and consequently tension and
pressure shall decrease. I always contemplate The Chinese proverb:
“You cannot prevent the birds of sorrow from flying over your
head, but you can prevent them from building nests in your hair.”

We have many people around us, but we don’t know which one is
useful; people are ideas and visions, and God facilitates things for
each one of us for the purpose of his creation. Thus, we shouldn’t
hold great hopes on them. By this realistic view and away from
idealism, we made peace firstly with ourselves and secondly with
Sheikh Ali AlTantawy said in his book, “images and thoughts”:
( I was like all other people scared of loneliness ,felt its heaviness
and tried to escape from it… till I found in solitude a way to
observe God and I feel that He is with me hearing and watching
and I pray from my heart and tongue asking him about everything .
I believe that everything is on His own hands and if He does not
give me what I asked for, He gives me better than I already asked.
Thus prayer in this approach is worship as it is in the correct
Tradition; I became alone even though I am indulged with people.)
Yes… That is friendship which means to be alone even though you
are indulged with them!!
O brave decision makers…
Are we ready to be friends with ourselves once again?

Beauty of word
Beauty of word
I was in an honoring party and the announcer was distinguished by
the beauty of word. He gave each person a beautiful description
and a title when he called him to the honor stage. I noticed that
everyone listened to those beautiful descriptions and became happy
with them more than the prize itself. I wondered, what is the secret
that made everyone with no exceptions live this state of happiness
and pleasure?! . After meditation I realized the hidden secret which
is the sense of the beauty of word!
This situation touched something inside me which I wanted to talk
about for along time; many people have lost the sense of the beauty
of word. I am not talking haphazardly here because if you took an
overview on a large segment of people, you will find out that many
people live a state of incompatibility between their tongues and
their beautiful words. The reality of word today witnesses a huge
amount of verbal abuses and violations. They say: “as much as
your words are reckless, you will be prestigious”; while they forgot
the golden rule (Good word is charity). Therefore, all cultures have
agreed to reject harsh words just as their agreement on the
beautiful words.
Let us be frank with ourselves we are witnessing a word crisis on
all various levels in this age, and those who are distinguished by
the sense of beauty became very few in this life.

Sense of Beauty
Depart from this introduction I would say that it is not possible that
this reality is a strategic choice of human beings. God created each
man with a sense of beauty inside him while the degradation of
beauty sense is just an unusual intruder. Thus, the problem here is
not genetic as far as it is cultural, and we all know that the cultural
problems can be treated by the awakening of awareness and
understanding and giving things their importance.
Is there anything in life greater than the awakening of beautiful
feelings and emotions?
Hence I say:
 Your relations are production of your words. Dr. Abdulkarim Bakar
referred to this meaning; he said “humans are emotional creatures
attracted by good word and detested by censure and reprimand.”
 Success and excellence are the results of the quality of word not the
quantity. The best word creates an atmosphere full of life as we never
heard of the survival of the worst “Say to My servants that they should
(only) say those things that are best”
 Then I have to remind you that “word” is a great divine gift and ancient
heritage blessed by God to humans “Have We not made for him a pair
of eyes? And a tongue, and a pair of lips?”
 Is it worthy to use the most beautiful and splendid words as a
recognition of this divine gift?

My feelings
I convey here an inner feeling I always felt: “my happiness of a
beautiful saying is more important for me than anything else. Then I
realize that I have added something new to life. We actually live on
earth to accept humans for fluency of their beautiful sayings not for
their grants.”
I say with unlimited optimism:
We are able to move with our feelings to beauty in order to beat
lively again.
Selections from what I read (1)
Selections from what I read (1)
I read several books and I heard some experiences and proverbs I
wanted to share them with my readers.
 “Benevolent man does not fell down, and if he does, he finds
a supporter”, said Abdullah Ibn-Abas – May God be pleased
with him.
 “I hate households who spend food can be sufficient for
days in one day”, said Abu Bakr AlSedik – May God be
pleased with him.
 “Remember… successful people don’t drift to the top in one
jump”, said Jack Canfield in his book, “The Power of
 “Knowledge is the power which improves your Intelligence
quotient and open your mind up to new prospects”, said Dr.
Ibrahim Alfeky in his book, “ Ten Keys to Success”
 “Palestine is not a land without people to lodge people
without land”, said Ameen Al-Hussainy , the former Mufti
of Jerusalem .
 “Nothing is more tragic than the death of love except for the
death of friendship”, said Dr. Ghazy Al Gusaiby in his poem,
“Flying Falcon”.
 “I walk slowly, but I never walk backward”. Abraham
Lincoln, 16th US President.
 “My mother was the making of me.”Thomas Edison
 “Good fences make good neighbors”. Dr. Phil
 “Nothing Alienates people quite like success”, David
 “To youth I have but three words of counselwork, work, work”. Bismarck, the German Empire founder.
 “To err is human, but to forgive, well that’s right on”.
William Shakespeare
 “Work harder on yourself than you do on your job.” Jim
 “ Those who do not work are hurt when others work” Taha
 “No one is weak. He just doesn’t know where to find his
strength.” Leo Tolstoy, The Russian novelist.
 ‘Be like sandalwood perfumes the ax which cuts”. Alsherazy
 “ Look at people as they are not as they were” Chinese
 “The dream that is easy for most people to achieve is
not a worthy of respect dream” Dr. Abdullah Al Othman, the
director of King Saud University.
 “Gratitude is absolutely the way to bring more into your
life”. Marci Shimoff. In her book ,“ The secret”
 “The completion of the simplest and smallest task is
not easy.” Raikou Uchida
 “Education is a progressive discovery of our own
ignorance”. Will Durant
 “The party believe in their cause always win” Saleh AlTaleb, Imam of Shrine.
 “If you can be master of yourself once you will continue to
do so” Kou Lunyo
 “When brothers work together, mountains turn into gold
mines”. Dale Carnegie
 “Stress progress, not perfection, with your child”. Robert
Ramsey in his book ,“ 501 Tips to Boost Your Child’s SelfEsteem”
 “The west is not the reason, Arabs” Mohamed Bin Rashed
Al Makatoum in his book, “My Vision”.
Selections from what I read (2)
Selections from what I read (2)
 “Sometimes when I consider what tremendous consequences come
from little things, I am tempted to think there are no little things”.
Bruce Barton
 “Successful people in this world are those who get up and look for
circumstances they want. If they can’t find them, they make them”.
Bernard Shaw
 “You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the
world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.
Walt Disney
 “If you think you can, you can. And if you think you can’t, you’re
right.” Mary Kay Ash
 “We may not be saints enough to love our enemies, but for the sake of
our own health and happiness, let’s at least forgive and forget them”
Confucius, a Chinese philosopher.
 “If you don’t want to “sweat the small stuff,” it’s critical that you
choose your battles wisely. If you do, there will come a day when
you’ll rarely feel the need to do battle at all.” Dr. Richard Carlson’s in
his book “Don’t sweat the small stuff”
 “Whenever people’s aspirations and their cultural level increase, they
became much ready for change.”. Dr. Ali Alhmady
 “Success comes to those who dare to act. It seldom goes to the timid
who are afraid of the consequences”, Jawaharlal Nehru, First Prime
Minister of India.
 “It’s a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the
best, you very often get it “.Somerset Maugham, Irish playwright.
 “The more man becomes stupid and lazy, the more he believes he is
better than others in everything”. Dr. Ali Alwardy.
 “The one who refuses to listen to an advice costs nothing today will
pay a lot for it tomorrow”. Plato, Greek Philosopher.
 “It is a mistake to limit ourselves to face the challenges in one
side of life no matter how important ; law of life will generate new
morale and material challenges because it is the nature of life , and our
success will depend on our ability to renew ourselves , our goal
and our thoughts to overcome each new challenge”. Abdulhadi Al
 “Not hard to find the truth. What is hard is not to run away from it
once you have found it.” Etienne Jalout
 “I can see how it might be possible for a man to look down upon the
earth and be an atheist, but I cannot conceive how he could look up
into the heavens and say there is no God.” Abraham Lincoln
 “It is very important to produce ideas, but the most important is to
apply them in reality”. Algerian thinker Malik Bin Nabi.
 “I was and still see that this world is big enough for
all successful people, and I still believe that any success is
not achieved unless the failure of others is in reality a defeat wearing
victory clothes.”
D. Ghazi Al Gosaiby in his book “Life In Management”.
Am I Sensitive or Is He Senseless?
Am I Sensitive or is he Senseless?
They are two persons tied together by common destiny causes- if true
to describe such relation.
The first one is interested in his issues following them up and setting
plans and programs to make them succeed while the other one, on the
contrary, is totally indifferent and does not achieve anything. Both of
them are going through their lives, but the difference is each one lives
on his own way.
The first one was complaining a lot about the other’s way of life
urging him to work hard on his issues and his business in particular.
He told him: You are sensitive and worries yourself a lot.
Then the first one wonders: Am I sensitive or is he senseless?
Two types of humans
There are two types of humans; one is productive and the other is lazy
and unproductive. The matter takes on another aspect as the latter
makes you manage his issues and fulfill his work. Here we have to
differentiate between two contradictory theories; the theory of (God
loves the helpful the most) which we urge and assert on its application
and the theory of (satisfaction with others) and in my opinion the
latter applies the second theory efficiently.
How much is life full of this type of human!
Her I wonder if they cannot perform their duties and interact with
them positively, so why they take new responsibilities in their lives;
they have to step down aside and live the rest of their lives in the
But they have to remember Ahmed Alamiry when he describes those
who abandoned their role in life; he says “it is easy to avoid our
responsibilities, but we cannot avoid the consequences.”
Hence, I wonder how that negative person looks at himself and his
personality; is it a look of tribute and proud of his achievements and
successes or it is a look ……??!!

Accordingly all we are talking about is strongly related to the
psychological health and the social view of this person.
The positive person lives a state of happiness and delight enjoying an
outstanding social view. For him life means building and giving, and
optimism is his law which he adopts while the unproductive person
lives different kind of pressure and tension ,even if he looks
otherwise , particularly when he sees others transferring from one
achievement to another ; we are talking here about those who have a
normal sensation like all humans.
The community has no mercy on lazy people and gives them no value.
It is really strange and wondrous to find that person interested in
others’ business and perform their work accurately because it satisfies
his desires and bring happiness and pleasure to him.
The diagnosis of his condition, in my opinion, is that his concept of
priorities is not reversed; I think it does not exist at all.
Generally the question still stands:
Am I sensitive? Or is he senseless?
The White Page
The White Page
Is it possible for our conscience to be pure and white just
like this page?
A story of Holy Book
A story of Holy Book
Here I am talking about a personal experience of which I am proud
and honor in my life and why not since it is related to the greatest
thing in life which is the “Holy Qur’an”.
I narrate it today for two reasons: firstly gratitude and recognition
of God’s blessing that He prepared and honored me to serve His
Book “and of thy Sustainer’s blessings shalt thou [ever] speak”.
Secondly this kind of experience brings new spirit and tells us that
we can do something.
How effluent feelings become when we talk about the Book of
How much believers are eager to be part of this great work!
Before I conclude this introduction I have decided to call this
experience “a story of Holy Book”.
The beginning
The details of this story started when I received unknown message
on my cell phone and it was also sent to several segments of
society and the sender was asking us all to cooperate to keep the
Book of God through an amazing project whose idea is
summarized by “collecting damaged Books from our mosques and
schools and anywhere else and restore them and then donate them
to those in need at home and abroad.”
I was one of those people who received this message by chance
when the story began.
I thought many times to delete this message, but I told myself:
what shall harm me if icontacted and asked about this project?
Long time passed and every time I check my messages I see “ a
story of Holy Book message” and each time I said I would call
tmorrow untill the decisive moment came and I decided to choose
between two things; whether I call or delete the message and I
decided- by the grace of God-to call. The message included contact
numbers and when I called, there was a surprise; the one who
answered was a woman so I apologized as I thought I dialed the
wrong number. She directly told me: Yes, my good brother, you
are on the correct number. We are a group of sisters adopted the
project of damaged Books and then she told me the details…Her
speech was full of enthusiasm, optimism and hope. At the end of
the call she told me: can you play this role in your area?
I said: yes, I can do it.
I did not feel then that this call would have a bright history in my
The beginning was with two generous friends who were optmistic
and interacted with “serving the Book of God”. “We took practical
steps to explain the project and show its importance. We then
found unprecedented enthusiasm from people as we collectd- with
God’s help- thousands of damaged Books; they were covered with
dust or in inappropriate places. Here I remember a bright image
beats with life telling us that our societies are still full of goodness
and they are able to interact with positive ideas seriously and
enthusiastically .we receive messages from some people telling
that although their negilgence they are ready to serve the Book of
God and and to bear part of their resposibilities toward their
religion and values.
Hence I tell you: “from now on don’t ever despise any body”.
In my opinion, whatever I talked about this story and tried to
portray what was going on, field experiences still have stregnth,
presence and effectivence.
The End
To be a happy end of “A story of Holy Qur’an”, I tell you all the
good news is that a number of associations and charity institutions
became the sponsers of the project and became an essential part of
their programs. Thank God whose blessings make good things
come true.
Ship of Morality
Ship of Morality…
O Mohammed (God will never disgrace you as you are helpful and
good to your kin, welcomes guests , supports oppressed, bears all
and helps those who defend rights)
These words are said by Khadija- may God be pleased with her- to
the first master of morality, prophet Mohammed –peace be upon
him- when he came back home frightened and distressed telling
her ( Cover me ..Cover me).
She inferred by her good nature that who has such good morals and
high principles, God will never disgrace him.
And today!! Are we apply such morals and deal with them?
The one who thinks of ethics at this time finds lack of many
aspects of our behavior and our dealings with each other. This is
not a figment of my thoughts or innovations, but it is a bitter reality
we have lived and seen and many of us deal with it and have
justifications. All people including me are doing so ignoring the
educational rule and the creator of humans who created people in
good behavior.
According to the reality of the field where I work I feel that the
ship of ethics sails in a rough sea whose waves plashed in all sides
and we don’t know which direction it goes or on what beach will it
Our crisis
Our real crisis in this age is the crisis of ethics and upbringing.
The exit of this ethical chaos is a serious return to the bases of
upbringing (I was sent to complete good morals); the rule which
led to generation bearing mature moral values that changed the
history and built human being.
There are some references for those who will carry the flag
of upbringing and for all of us as well:
First: sincere desire to make reformation (I desire no more than to
set things to rights in so far as it lies within my power)
Secondly: science supporting change (Say: “Can they who know
and they who do not know be deemed equal?)
Thirdly: continuous work to achieve success (“Work ye, sons of
David, with thanks!)
Fourthly: asking God for help (but the achievement of my aim
depends on God alone.)
Fifthly: leniency (And it was by God’s grace that thou [O Prophet]
didst deal gently with thy followers: for if thou hadst been harsh
and hard of heart, they would indeed have broken away from thee)

Our slogan
Let our slogan be building a castle of ethics and the first building block
in this construction is written on it in clear handwriting “Start by yourself”.
Free Love
Free Love
When I chose this title I thought of that rare love between Prophet
Mohammed – peace be upon him- and his companions; when
Khabib Ibn Odai – may God be pleased with him- was set to death ,
he was asked if he prefered to bring Mohammed in his place while
he could be safe with his family. He shouted at his murderers (I
hate to be safe with my family enjoying all the pleasure in the
world and to see the messanger of God hurt). Also Abu Bakr –
may God be pleased with him – slept on Mohammed’s thigh in the
cave while he was bitten and was in pain but he didn’t move so as
not to awaken his beloved- peace be upon him.
I read those stories and thought about them, then I realized the
reason behind such love between Prophet Mohammed –PBUH-and
his companions; it is unconditional love and this what he has sown
in their hearts since they didn’t love him because he promised of
temporal pleasure in the world or leadership among nations; they
loved him because he elevated their souls to the highest level of
faith by which they knew God’s love and worked hard to please
Him. For these reason their love for him deserves to be described
as “Free Love”.
Today we find that there is a difference in love between the two
generations; God’s love of the generation of this age has been
weakened and this was reflected on the application
of orders and prohibitions as well as the call to Him. And the
evidence is the negligence of many of the sons of Islam of the
apple of the eye, a pillar of Islam and the crown of
worship, “Prayer”.
If you think of the love between Muslims themselves, you will find
that many of the meanings of Islam has been
weakened and faded which made us all wondering in one voice:
Where are compassion and affection?
Where are brotherhood and harmony?
Where are those beautiful values?
The answer to these questions is that love between us became
I love you only for ethnic considerations or on the basis of
affiliation of thought or for worldly interests. Therefore, we keep
others close or move them away on the basis of those fragile rules
and consequently we made immature social relationships. By
experience when I broke those delusional barriers and dealt with
people on the basis of free love, life has changed and it had
different color and taste. I found out that people are still good and
the extent of attachment or detachment to conditional love decides
your happiness in your relationships with others.
Hence, after discussing this phenomenon I wonder are those ailing
practices qualifying us to be one nation.

Although we talked about restricted love, it doesn’t mean that there
is no sincere love or beautiful meanings among people, but while I
am writing these lines, there are bright images that history stands
for proudly in the mind of each one of us.

Life for love
We should take those who came before us as a model and example;
when Prophet Mohammed called for the wonderful law of love:
(man shall love what he doesn’t like only for God’s sake). There
was the generation of fraternity between the immigrants
and supporters which life smiled to it and history chirped with
joy and gladness for it. Let us then say: “All believers are but
brethren” and work to achieve it on our life. This will never come
true unless we apply the rules of love such as:
 Amicability “and let not our hearts entertain any unworthy
thoughts or feelings against [any of] those who have
attained to faith. O our Sustainer!”
 Good saying “you shall speak unto all people in a kindly
 Tolerance and forgiveness ( go you are free)
 Express love feelings (O Mo’az , in the name of God I love
 Peace-making (bring about peace among you).
 Gift (exchanging gifts brings love).
Love Charter
The manifest of love for people around you is considered to be a
love charter. One of God’s blessings is that I met that type of
humans; they open their hearts to love them and only those who
make life meaningful and really became alife for love.
An idea, who is going to push it
An idea, who is going to push it forward?
It is a situation I faced days ago; it was a serious conversation
concerning one of the projects we determind to establish. I was so
enthusiastic to discuss the idea and to clarify its positive aspects
and how it is going to be useful for social circles because of the
sublimity of the idea and its great benefits. I was talking in front of
a group of people interested in social issues. When I finished
discussing my ideas, the other party started talking about his idea
which is summerized as following: such huge project shall have
phases and he assured that the phase of construction hasn’t started
yet, then he offered convincing alternatives which could come into
force!! The attendants admired his idea and approved it
immediately without any hesitaion.
I was sruck a lot by this event which asserts the nessecity of
discussing the culture of thinking and its effective role in bringing
about change for the life of all human beings.

Mind is God’s gift
Actually few people realize this divine gift and so few who believe
in the importance of thinking as a main task of this mind. I think
we all agree on reviving this gift and working on our mind to
revive it again.

Qur’an is the first book of reflection
The first objective of the Message is intellectual literacy; its
primary concern has never been just reaching the literacy
of reading and writing. Dr. Mohamed Abda referred to
this sense which is clear in many verses where Our Lord called
for reflection, meditation, listening, comparison and reasoning.
“Will you not, then, take thought?”, “can you not, then, see?”,
“Will you not, then, use your reason?”, “Do they not consider the
Qur’an (with care)?”
I wonder here; all these calls make us move, don’t they?
Don’t they urge us to practise reflection and to reconsider it again??

Venezuela… the country of reflection!!
Here I am talking about Venezuela and its civilization project
which has been carried out, where the government
persuaded school students to study a subject called (thinking
skills) two hours a week and more than one
hundred thousand teachers were trained to teach it, then
you can imagine the reality of their community after that.
Hence, I frankly say if the initiatives were not official, then at
least let it be personal.
Let it be your dream and the project of your life.. Let it be a private
conversation with your creative mind and say I could be better off
than I am now, only if I knew how to think!

Edward and idea- building
He is one of the specialists in the field of thinking industry. He set
courses to teach reflection on BBC channel and thirty seven TV
channels in US broadcasted them. He also set a special program
about (great thinkers) for the German Television and some
European channels broadcasted it. I think this program offered
considerable benefits to mankind.
There are two wonderful statements I have read many years ago
and I think the right t place to put them is under this news which
may open new prospects for us to benefit from anybody; (Wisdom
is the target of the believer wherever he finds it he is worthwhile)
(Take the wisdom and don’t matter from which source it came out).
The most important question here is: are we going to benefit from

Why do we think… and why not?
Why do we think… and why not?
We think to be close to ideal life which each one of us seeks and to reach the
best of it “which of you is best in deed”. In your opinion, Can we reach this
quality except by mature thought?
Why don’t we all talk about thinking and its skills and ethics and to be
demanded by everyone? Do you know why? Because our minds are the most
precious thing we have. Don’t they deserve to be invested a profitable
investment? It is critical question I hope we all think about it. Ali – may God
be pleased with him- said: (the most precious wealth is mind).

To be or not to be
We ourselves can choose between two options; whether to be positive,
civilized and achiever and take the road leading to it which is the exercise of
thinking. You alone carry out this mission. Dr. Souliman Alouda said
“Thinking is worship doesn’t need a representation”.
I think the second option is known which is to be a person with no aims or
visions. If we wanted this, we shall not have to work, do or say anything.
One of the teachers told the school manager that she cannot imagine herself
blind as she thinks it is the hardest thing ever. The school manager told her:
do you know what is worse than this? It is to be sighted with no vision.

Pitfalls and lapses
If we have believed in activating the talent of thinking primarily for the
benefit of our minds, then we must be very careful of some of the pitfalls
of thinking and its failings, which obstruct the march of our thinking that we
will discuss some of them.

Concepts destroy thinking
Some modern experimental studies in psychology is based on the concept
that our emotional status affects our thinking ,tends to prejudice and
commits mistakes in our decisions .One proverb is here relevant; “Biased
doesn’t differentiate” and reality is a witness to this.
I quote here some words said by Joseph Jastrow who asserts this meaning ;
Correct thinking is a difficult art for two definite reasons:
First: many minds are incapable of accomplishing this mission.
Secondly: the intervention of emotions and passion.
Robert H. Thouless expresses this idea by saying “To some objects
pleasurable emotions are attached, and we desire these objects and tend to
believe any proposition whose truth would secure them. To other objects,
unpleasurable emotions are attached, and we turn from these objects and
tend to believe any proposition which denies their reality.”
Therefore, we have to deal with all by the principle of “intellectual
capacity” and we have to realize that we cannot find the whole truth each
time. Mistakes of human minds could happen and if we bear in minds
this conviction, this would lead us to a result deserves celebration which
is (the rejection of exclusionary) and to deal with opposite opinion with
awareness, maturity and sublimity.
And this what Dr.Abdulkreem Bakar assured when he said; “ God Almighty
created people see things from one personal perspective, and in order to
see things in an objective manner we have to train ourselves to see
them from multiple angles, and bear in mind the views of all parties”.
Haste is the first enemy of thinking
Haste is the first enemy of thinking
Someone comes up with an idea and another one opposes his idea. Do the
latter have enough information or facts about this idea that enables him to
object the first one with confidence? The answer is (NO). It is haste for sure
according to the apparent divine reality (man is prone to be hasty).
Hence, I stress on things which represent, in my opinion, imbalance in the
pattern of thinking.
 Haste in interrupting the speaker before he completes his idea,
although the simplest phrases that you do not hear may carry
important details, and this was confirmed by Mohammed Alangemish
in his book “listen to Make People Love You” in which he introduced
an attempt to convert the forgotten virtue of listening to an effective
tool in the dealings of everyday life.
 Haste in judging new ideas; we are very hasty in judging things
around us before auditing and searching for truth.
 I was holding two books one for a western and the other is for a
Muslim and I entered on a group of friends. Then some of them asked
me what are you carrying in your hands? I raised the books pointing at
their covers. So they looked at them and judged it directly and it was
unfair judgment. The surprise was that the judgment was directed to
the book of the Muslim. I was really surprised and it was a dramatic
scene; I told them without hesitation: how strange you are! You didn’t
criticize the western book though its author isn’t Muslim and on the
other hand you did criticize the book of the Arab Muslim.
As a happy ending to the chapters of this story I finished reading the
book of the Arab Muslim and I found it distinguished and full of culture,
thought and knowledge. This was my judgment which I made and told
them so.
 Haste in interacting with any idea without regard if it is right or wrong.
This is what we say in our dialect “flying the omelets”. Let us be
transparent with ourselves; how many ideas we interacted with and
the consequences were lamentable and the effects were withdrawal. It
is surprisingly wondrous that we move forward to achieve fuzzy ideas
enthusiastically and with determination while we step forward once
and backward again in achieving clear ideas. I think many of us
claimed the title of (hasty man) worthily, and in my opinion, this is
the origin of disease and backwardness.
 Hast in interacting with everyday life.. I will show here some images
and aspects in order to get closer to reality.

  • Haste in making relationships.
  • Haste in solving our problems.
  • Haste in giving promises.
  • Haste in mistrust and slowness in overcoming it.
  • Haste in the non survival of the feelings of happiness
    with those close to us.
  • Haste in criticizing on non-objective basis.
    If I asked us all why are we hasty?
    I think I cannot find a convincing answer. There were concepts and beliefs
    surrounded our thought which we embrace believing that we understood life..
    Now we have to say that the matter is not like that and we have to
    differentiate between two existent mentalities on real life which are (hasty
    mentality) and (careful mentality). In my opinion I think we all agree that we
    desperately need, under such severe life conflicts, to be closer to the second
    mentality as it is the only alley of success and the key to every achievement.
    Prophet Mohammed-peace be upon him- said: (Carefulness is from God and
    haste is from Devil).

Society and frank pause
I think our Arab communities don’t encourage the culture of thinking and
the efforts are not enough to spread this culture. This is apparent through
some evidences.
 The cultural scene; the most prominent phenomenon is that we don’t
 The social environment; the reduction of energy and talents.
 Do/Don’t …is the slow death of the talent of thinking.
 The cultural facilities; did they play their role?
 Our societies and their adoration of making “No” although most of
them do not contradict with Islamic standards.
 Hence, as an inevitable result of the emergence of such phenomena,
we have the right to wonder: do we live in cultural alienation today?

Before the end
What did we do? What are we going to do?
And the most important question is what are we working on now?
I think like all do that the development of thinking is an accumulative
process involving several factors; the experiences and experiments which
our mind underwent play a role. Also culture and reading play another
role. And I remember what Stephen R Covey said, “nothing elevates
culture and thought like reading”. All that is related to two important
things; firstly the desire to change, and Secondly asking God for help to
provide us with the correct thought and to help us in this mission (but the
achievement of my aim depends on God alone).

Two important recommendations
I put in your hands two important recommendations of intellectual elite
to be incentive for us to exercise thinking and to re-discover it again.
((Man can do sports to improve his fitness; he
can also improve his thinking by ways on top of
which: dialogue, reading, and avoiding the pitfalls of thinking))
Dr. Ahmed Albraa’ Alamiry
(Mind does not develop except by three things: continuity of thinking,
reading the books of thinkers and attentiveness to life experiences).
Mostafa Alsebaay
I read the autobiography of Malcolm X and what attracted me was that
he kept an open mind to life experiences and things around him. He said,
“I have always kept an open mind, which is necessary to the flexibility
that must go hand in hand with every form of intelligent search for truth.”
At the end of the day
Our conversation will be useless and does not carry any value unless
there is a procedural action of changing our ways of thinking and the
methods of our culture. We are not talking here about a
supernatural effort as it is to take a step forward and a
serious determination to be better. And by experience, if you start, you’ll
be surprised with a tremendous success on its way to you.
Christian D. Larson said “That a man can change himself….and master
his own destiny is the conclusion of every mind that is wide awake to the
power of right thought.”
Bee Sting
Bee Sting
“I’ve been continually stuck by the tendency of people to create problems by
getting squarely in their own way. Since the human ego is the root cause of
the problems we face on this planet, I figure the greatest contribution any
one of us can make toward solving the world’s problems is to work within
ourselves to rise above our own littleness and transform the way we see
These words were said by Jim Ballard in his book,” Mind like Water”. Here
I agree with him that we have to work within ourselves to rise above our
own littleness and transform the way we see things, and certainly there are
people who can achieve this; they are the prudent and wise men.
On the other hand, others aren’t ready to change themselves for the better.
You find them go too far on their mistakes and their behaviors exceed the
norm and find them a source of tension and anxiety, and when you look at
them, you find them the source of noise and ruckus in addition to their belief
that others are incapable of deterring them; however, they are certainly
To those people in particular I wrote my article.

Simply (you are wrong)
Success in human relationships is desirable; it is something we all ask and
seek. The basic regulation of the success of that relationship or not is telling
the truth about the behavior of that man who committed mistake toward you.
The old proverb says “truth is like bee carrying honey in its mouth and a
needle in its tail).
I would like to refer here that many of us cease their rights to defend
themselves and give up their rights to live in peace. They do so in order not
to hurt the feelings of the mistaken person and to maintain the relationship
till the last breathe.
In my opinion, this balance is not fair at all. We have to be as courage as
those who commit mistakes toward us; we have to criticize and explain right
from wrong in a spirit of transparency, love and respect and to say it simply
“You’re wrong”.
Events and Situations
Perhaps some would agree with me on this behavior and others may disagree,
but it doesn’t matter anyway. I show you here some events which indicate
the importance of using this way in treating some wrong behaviors of
 “you are an ignorant man” uttered by Prophet Mohammed -peace be
upon him- to Abu Zerr may God be pleased with him when he
insulted Bilal- May God be pleased with him.
 “Coercion in the time of ignorance is mooing in Islam”. Said by
Alsedik to Omar -may God be pleased with them- when he suggested
the option of calming with renegade Arab tribes.
These are some examples and the deaf understand by gestures.
Once upon a time I read an old saying which says: “The person, who can
not terrify anyone, is the most man at risk”.

 We as humans go to extremes and we are not deterred except by
strictness. As much as you sting, you will be free.
 We shouldn’t be scared to exercise such rescuer skill and we shouldn’t
be excessive in exercising this grave skill. We call all to be moderate.
(And thus have We willed you to be a community of the middle way).
 Psychological studies indicated that silence and repression on
mistakes lead to diseases and depression.
 We cannot reach perfection in everything, so we have to put an end to
the dream in which we live that being silent on mistakes will maintain
the relationship with others.
The one who isn’t disciplined by gratitude, his righteousness would be in his
 Silence on mistaken person confirms that his behaviors are correct
as alleged, and in the old saying; “the weakness of the oppressed
gives an excuse to the oppressor.”
 Forgiveness and tolerance come after the recognition of mistakes.
Prophet Mohammed said (what do you think am I doing to you?….
go you are free).
By experience, I say “unfortunately I am so sorry that some people
don’t change their wrong behaviors till you treat them strictly and

The law of sting
The use of sting law does not necessarily include physical violence,
oral abuse or psychological destruction, but we are talking about wide
circle of possible deterrence options.
We still have a long time
We still have a long time…
We were on trip to Kuwait and we were sitting on velvet sofa talking, and
my friend was talking about a reality he went through and of course it wasn’t
pleasant for him. I noticed that my friend, who was surrounded by grieves
that he resisted strictly, needed solidarity of a friend to push him toward
more patience and achievement.
I was afraid that he may be frustrated. Then I gave him a look full of
happiness and pleasure, and I told him, “Smile…You still have a long time,
my friend”.
The impact of this statement was stunning and it kindly explained a new
spirit in that meeting.

Optimism and hope
From this statement I meant to bring my friend hope and optimism, and tell
him that life still holds a lot of joy, and the end of time is closely linked to
the choice of ending life for him. The fact with which we have to face
ourselves is that no one can make us happy unless we do it ourselves and to
ourselves. Therefore, it is important to take the responsibility of your
sorrows and to look for new ways to get out of this grief.
We cannot allow circumstances to assassinate the flower of our lives. I am
sorry to say that there is a group of people destroying themselves, and I
saw some of those who are doing so to others.

With God
In crises, it is nice to move from the circle of complaints to the circle of
silent supplication to God.
“It is only to God that I complain of my deep grief and my sorrow” said
Jacob- peace be upon him.
“Nay indeed! My Sustainer is with me, [and] He will guide me!” Mosespeace be upon him.
“Truly distress has seized me, but Thou art the Most Merciful of those that
are merciful.” Ayoub– peace be upon him.
“Have no fear, for Allah is with us” Prophet Mohammed-peace be upon him.

Our words create our feelings
We shouldn’t speak to ourselves in poor words. Human soul is an enormous
mass of emotions and feelings. Famous and great people didn’t overcome
their crises except by the strength of their words after reviving it from the
strength of their souls.
 “God ordained and did what He willed”
 “Tomorrow will be better”
 “Hope in God is a sun never sets”
 “Bring glad tidings to yourself”
 and finally “you still have a long time”

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